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Converlation Unconditional

Money-Back Guarantee

At Converlation, we recognize the pivotal role technology plays in shaping family relationships and children's development. Our mission is to deepen the bond between parents and children, promoting a comprehensive understanding of digital dependency, and empowering young ones to navigate their choices wisely. Confident in Converlation's transformative potential, we extend an unconditional, risk-free money-back guarantee.


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Our Promise to You

We assure you that by genuinely engaging with Converlation, you will observe:

  • A stronger, more meaningful relationship with your child.
  • An increase in your child's awareness about the effects of digital dependency.
  • mproved decision-making skills in your child, leading to a happier and well-adjusted life.
  • Your child becoming more engaging and enjoyable to be around.

Money-Back Guarantee Policy

  1. Eligibility: This policy is crafted for both moms and dads who are dedicated to improving their family's digital interactions and relationships. The sole condition is that one of you and your child earnestly try Converlation.
  2. Trial Period: We provide a 90-day trial period from the purchase date, allowing sufficient time to experience Converlation's positive impact on your family.
  3. No Questions Asked, No Risk Involved: If, after sincerely integrating Converlation into your daily routine, you feel it hasn't met your expectations in enhancing your relationship with your child or any of the guaranteed aspects, we will refund your purchase in full. No questions asked.
  4. How to Claim: Simply reach out to our customer support team with your purchase details. We might ask for a brief feedback form — not to challenge your request but to learn how we can improve. Once submitted, your refund will be processed promptly.
  5. Continuous Support: Even after you've made your refund request, we're here to support you. Our team is dedicated to helping families thrive in the digital age, and we're always willing to offer advice, resources, and support to all parents, regardless of their Converlation journey.

Your Family's Happiness, Guaranteed

Our team, comprised of mothers, fathers, educators, and child development experts who believe in the power of connection. Converlation is more than a product; it's a pathway to a healthier, happier family life in our digital world. Try it risk-free and see the difference it can make in your family's life.

With Converlation, your satisfaction is not just promised; it's guaranteed. Join us in redefining family time and set the foundation for a lifetime of meaningful connections.