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A Happier You in 7 Days...

by Connecting More & Scrolling Less 


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How It Works:

Each day of "A Happier You" features two main activities: "Connecting More" and "Scrolling Less." These brief, impactful, fun activities are designed to enhance your interactions and minimize digital distractions.

Every morning, you'll receive a reminder with a link to access your daily course materials on your Converlation account. Just log in, engage with the day’s tasks, and start making positive changes!

Connect More

This component gives you fun daily activities helping you connect more deeply with the world and people around you.

Scroll Less

Uses the tools on our devices to actually help us reduce time on devices, these activities increase awareness about digital usage, leading to less distractions and a more productive day.

What You Get:

Money Back Guarantee

We're confident you'll love "A Happier You" so much that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If after completing the 7-day program, you're not satisfied with the stronger connections, increased happiness, or more free time you've experienced, we'll refund your entire purchase—no questions asked.

 Risk-Free Trial: What do you have to lose? Other than some time on your devices! Sign up today for "A Happier You" and see the difference a week can make in your life.

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Hear It From Believers: 

The Best $97 I Ever Spent!

"I'm 24 and didn't realize how much my screen consumed my life until this challenge. It's been a game-changer, helping me reconnect with friends face-to-face and find hobbies that don't involve scrolling. I'm genuinely happier. Honestly, this was the best $97 I ever spent —it transformed my life." -

Emma, 24

A Week That Changed My Life

As a mom of two, I felt overwhelmed and glued to my phone. This challenge was not only easy and fun to do but also incredibly rewarding. It helped me unplug, leading to less stress and more quality time with my kids. It's like I've reclaimed parts of my life that I thought were lost to busyness and tech." -

Sophia, 36

A Shared Journey to Happiness

"At 42, I realized technology made my relationships feel impersonal. I missed the depth of pre-digital age friendships. This challenge was a wake-up call. Even better, I convinced a friend to join me, and together, we rediscovered the joy of real connections. It revived friendships that had been fading and made the experience even more rewarding."

Mike, 42

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