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"Kids are growing up in a popular culture and media culture that reminds them often they aren’t good looking enough, thin enough, popular enough, rich enough, frankly just not enough.”

-US Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy



Listen to the benefits from parents that have actually gone through Converlation™ with their children.

Mom & Mental Health Practitioner

“They can self-monitor a little bit better now.  I am no longer the one who always has to put down the limits. This is the back-up that you need to overcome, or at least start to overcome, that battle with the kids.”


Dad & Educator

“We have a foundation, a conversation that we have started that is really easy to jump back into. So, as these conversation topics get more difficult in the teenage years, we are always going to have this foundation to go back to and build upon.”


Step Mom and Management Consultant

“These moments and opportunities to get to know each other and have these conversations are worth more than a year of weekly therapy sessions.”

Definition of Converlation™

The exchange of thoughts, ideas, and feelings that build and strengthen relationships.