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Converlation works. 

Hear it straight from a mom.

“This is the backup you need.”  

“My kids self-monitor now instead of me being the one to put down the limits.”  

~ Amanda, Mom and Therapist

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Devices are making our kids dependent.

Do you see this?

Unrealistic Expectations

Social media creating a false sense of reality for girls

Screen Fixation

Kids obsessed with screens

Device Distraction

Everyone is glued to a device

Gaming Dependence

Boys obsessing over gaming and videos

Silent Rides

Car rides are silent 

Friendship Crisis

Kids having few real friendships

We get it.

Raising kids in a device-driven world isn’t easy.

Don’t know where to start when it comes to guiding your kids about tech?

We can help.

Converlation works. 

Hear it straight from a mom and a daughter.

“At first Mady was curious, a little worried, but as we started to go through it, it became so natural, exciting and fun!”  

~ Tina, Mady's Mom

“I loved the videos. They helped us think about how we use our technology, when we don’t even think about it. “  

~ Mady (the kid)

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Hi, I’m Kathy.

Co-Founder of Converlation.

As a 20-year mom, 30-year teacher, author, coach and wife,

I understand the challenge of raising good kids in today’s device-driven culture.  In every spare moment, kids are looking down at devices instead of engaging.

"I've learned kids need to know:

  •   The science behind social media, gaming and videos.
  •   That attention-engineers are working behind their apps to control them.
  •   That social media is only a highlight reel.
  •   What dopamine is and how companies manipulate it."

Once kids learn this and experience it for themselves, their eyes are opened and they make better choices.

They go from digitally distracted to having digital wisdom so they can thrive in the world around them. 

I’ve seen amazing transformations in kids who are…


Parents I meet everyday share the same things about tech:


“This feels overwhelming.”

Parents are struggling to compete with the allure of screens and saying they feel powerless to fight tech’s influence.


“Am I doing this right?”

Parents are worrying they’re being too strict, or too lenient and they don’t know how to find a balance that keeps their kids safe and well.


“I’m so tired of arguing about screen time.”

Parents are just done with the arguing and are looking for a peaceful and positive solution.


“Have I been part of the problem?”

Parents are worrying if they’re to blame because they’ve used screens in the past to catch some free time or get work done.


It makes sense that as a parent you are feeling these things. It’s not you or your kid’s fault that kids don’t know how to regulate themselves on devices. 

And things you may have tried, like phone rules, digital diets and restrictions don’t work.  Limiting technology starts with teaching kids why we crave our devices.


You can take action to positively influence your child’s life and
Here’s the thing:

Join Us

Converlation works. 

Hear it straight from a dad.

“It was really powerful.”  

“Now we have a foundation to talk about things, as her exposure to technology is rapidly growing.”  

~ Tim, Educator and Parent

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You don’t need to be more tech-savvy than your kid to help.

You just need to start the Converlation.

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Converlation works. 

Hear it straight from a step-Mom.

“We ended up being so excited about the activities.” 

“It gave us a chance to have those safe moments. No shaming, no blaming.”  

~ Ali, Stepmom to Logan

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Get a proven program, expert support and a welcoming community when you join  

Converlation Parents


In Converlation Parents you will experience:

Weekly Zoom Calls

Including live Q&A, and 24/7 recorded replays.

Portal Access

An online portal with access to Converlation Guides and parent resources.

Community Support

A community of support to help you succeed on your parenting journey.

You will become knowledgeable about: 

  • How kids are being tracked and manipulated and why dopamine matters.

  • How device use causes serious side effects in your kids and what those are.

  • How just like with any drug, device habits can lead to addiction.

  • How tech companies are hiring attention-engineers to find new ways to continually keep your kids’ eyes glued to content.

  • How to have tough conversations around social pressures.

  • Why kids are happy with what they have…until they see something better.

  • The latest trends and emerging social media issues you should know.


This is one of the best parenting things you will ever do for your kid.


Join amazing moms and dads united in helping their kids thrive in a digitally driven world.

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With Converlation, your satisfaction is not just promised; it's guaranteed.

Our team believes in the power of connection.

Explore our offerings knowing that your satisfaction is guaranteed. Find out more about our money-back guarantee.


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Converlation for Moms and Dads

is a transformational journey for proactive parents who want to decrease digital distraction and dependency in their children so they can better connect and engage with the world around them.


There are 3 easy options to get started:

Do It Yourself
Do It With Us
We Do It For You




Converlation Offerings:

  Do It Yourself Do It With Us We Do It For You.
Pricing $497 $1,497 $4,997
Converlation Hardcopy Experience Guide Yes Yes Yes
Converlation Portal Access
An online portal with access to Converlation Guides and parent resources.
3 months 6 months 1 year
Private Converlation Community membership No 6 months 1 year
6 weeks of 1-hr Zoom Calls Including live Q&A, and 24/7 recorded replays. No Yes  Yes
Weekly office hour Q&A with Kathy No 6 months 1 year
Weekly Topical Loom email No 6 months 1 year
Monthly Book Review  No 6 months 1 year
6 Week 1-on-1 weekly customized coaching live for parent and child with Kathy in person or via zoom  No  No Yes

Converlation works. 

From 'no way' to talking to your teenager

“My 6th grader grumbled and said ‘I don’t want to do this’.

My favorite part was once we started, he kept asking to do more. Both of my kids were so intrigued with how tech companies try to keep our attention.” 

~ Melanie, parent

Do something proactive to equip your kids now.


Converlation helps your kids develop awareness so they self-regulate better.

This leads to amazing things like…
  •  responsible and safe online behaviors
  •  better focus and attention
  •  being more engaged in family and school
  •  healthier habits around tech use
  •  increased freedom from social media pressures
  •  peace, harmony, and positivity at home
  •  staying on track with success in sight

Do nothing and your child may end up…

Having a better relationship with their phone than with you.

Being influenced by an influencer instead of by you.

Texting, texting, texting instead of talking, engaging, debating.

Spending all their free time on a device.

Down the rabbit hole of TikTok, YouTube and Instagram.

Digitally dependent instead of looking toward their bright future ahead.

Help your kids make better DECISIONS in this digital world.

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Converlation Used In Schools

Converlation is so effective it is used in middle schools around the country. Hear from one principal:

“We were having conversations that maybe they never explored before with an adult in their lifetime.”

“The bottom line is they are looking for someone to listen to them, they want to converse, they want to talk to the adults in their lives.  And when you give them that platform you’re surprised at how much information you can glean."

Watch the video to learn about her experience going through Converlation® with her students.

Video Poster Image


(Frequently Asked Questions)

Converlation works. 

Hear it straight from a dad. 

“The way the information is presented is great. Do the program. The value is a 10/10”  

~ Mike, Emily's Dad

Watch More About Mike's Experience

Have the Converlation with your kid.

You can engage your child to build understanding and connection instead of deepening the divide.

Act now to protect your child’s emotional health, wellbeing, and focus.

So you can raise digitally smart kids who are confident, equipped and more fun to be around.

Get the tools you need to help your child thrive in a digital world.

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