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Earn While You Transform Lives

As an influencer and advocate, you have the unique power to impact individuals, families and groups, guiding them towards healthier and happier lives.

With Converlation, you can turn this influence into a lucrative opportunity, ensuring that doing good for others also means doing well for yourself.

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Why Become an Affiliate?

Impactful Mission

Share a program that genuinely enhances bonds and tackles digital dependency, aligning with your values of promoting well-being.

Significant Earnings Potential

Earn up to a compelling 50% commission on yearly subscriptions for each family that joins post-challenge, thanks to your referral.

Effortless Integration

Incorporating Converlation into your existing outreach is seamless, requiring minimal additional effort on your part.

Comprehensive Support

Gain access to promotional materials, making sharing easy and effective.

Exclusive Insights

Stay ahead with early access to new launches and affiliate-exclusive updates.

Become an Affiliate Is Easy

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Join Us and Make a Difference

In the Converlation Affiliate Program, you find the rare opportunity to enrich lives and expand your income simultaneously.  Your voice can lead the charge in reducing digital dependency, creating a ripple effect of positive change across communities.

Don't just share, transform. With Converlation, you're not just earning; you're igniting a movement towards intentional digital use.   Be part of this rewarding journey today.

Maximize Your Impact with Minimal Effort

Ready-to-Share Content

Leverage our curated marketing toolkit to connect with your audience effortlessly.

Align With Your Mission

Sharing Converlation feels natural if you're passionate about enhancing family life.

Earn Respect and Revenue:

Your advocacy for healthier digital habits can grow your earnings and your reputation as a trusted influencer.

Product Spotlight for Families and Schools

The perfect offering for your audience, promising:

  • Engaging Activities: Designed to foster meaningful connections and reduce digital distractions.
  • Continued Engagement Opportunity: Special offers encourages everyone to deepen their journey with Converlation post-challenge.