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Host - Kathy Van Benthuysen: A roadmap for parents to navigate tech talks with their kids

Kathy Van Benthuysen is a 20-year mom, 30-year teacher, a multi-sport coach, and writer with a passion for helping families navigate the complexities of technology and its impact on our children.  Her experience has taught her that while technology offers incredible opportunities for learning and connection, it also presents significant challenges.


In her insightful podcast, Kathy Van Benthuysen shares her journey and expertise in combating digital dependency among children, leveraging her roles as a mom, teacher, and coach.  She introduces Converlation, a unique program that combines educational content with practical activities to address the root causes of digital dependency. 

The program, for moms and dads with children ages 8-14, is designed to foster open dialogue, increase awareness of the effects of social media and gaming, and strengthen family bonds.  By engaging children in understanding the psychological effects of recreational tech, Converlation aims to spark meaningful conversations between parents and children.


Kathy's personal commitment to this cause shines through as she shares both her professional insights and heartfelt stories, making a compelling case for a more conscious approach to technology use in families.


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