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Maximize Academic Potential:

Countering Students’ Recreational Tech Use

Join us to transform digital distractions into academic advancement.

About The Webinar:

At the heart of today's educational landscape lies a challenge – managing students' recreational tech use.  While technology opens vast vistas of knowledge, its unrestricted use is leading to decreased academic performance, behavioral and social issues, loss of focus, mental health problems, HIBs, and even bullying.

Why Attend This Webinar?

Expert Advice: Gain insights on countering the negative effects of recreational tech use from leading experts.

Best Practices: Learn how to teach students the difference between using tech as a tool and tech as entertainment.

Actionable Takeaways: Equip yourself with concrete strategies ready for immediate implementation in your educational environment.

Resources: Get access to resources that will help you better manage student challenges.

Your Opportunity

Take back control over digital distractions in your educational environment.  Join our exclusive webinar and learn practical strategies to maximize the academic potential of your students while minimizing the negative impact of tech.

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