Why Converlation

Our use of technology can impact our lives in positive and negative ways. At Converlation, we help a child and a parent build and strengthen their relationship through conversation in the digital age.

Complimentary Exercise

Seems like everyone is talking about what could prove to be devastating for our children’s future, but nobody has a solution. We do. Please watch the brief video below and let’s talk on the other side:

Wouldn’t every concerned parent be alarmed with what they just saw?

Wouldn’t they want to do something about it instead of just letting it happen?

Wouldn’t it be great, if the solution encourages a healthy conversation that strengthens the parent child relationship?

Converlation is exactly that. Parents who have tried, are in love with it. Please play this video for their thoughts. 

My team and I have spent years- and a small fortune- working with experts, honing in on the issues and solutions. The journey begins with watching this one-on-one with your child, having a guided conversation along a guided path, and watch the magic unfold.

Allow us to prove it. We will email you a free exercise for you to do with your child. Let’s talk after that. We promise we will not waste your time.

Con•ver•la•tion (kŏn″vər-lā′shən)

Definition of Converlation: The exchange of thoughts, ideas, and feelings that build and strengthen relationships.